June 09, 2016

Pemba, Ulala and Caiperinha - all exotic sounding...

... and it is!

To arrive in Pemba after a 7 hour transfer from Ihla de Mozambique was great. A city of contrasts - from the beaches, the old fisherman part of the city to the booming industrial areas with all international oil and gas companies present - or so it seems.

Our chosen spot for the night, Ulala Lodge is about 20 minutes outside the city, a highly recommendable Hideaway with great food, hospitality and same for comfortable accommodation!

As we speak, (write) we are on the 4 hour drive to Tanganyanga for our Dhow sail over to the assumed highlight of the Mozambiquen part of our adventure, Ibo Island!

Caiperinha by the way is a Brazilian drink - similar to Mojito - exotic...

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