June 12, 2016

Leaving the intriguing Mozambique - Karibuni Tanzania!

Sunrise over Mocimboa da Praia - large natural harbour not far from Chai - the little village where Frelimo, the liberation movement  which rules the country today was founded.

Our last night in Mozambique was spent in Chez Natalie - a idyllic lodge with bungalows spread on a large property - all with a view over the bay.

From here we pass Palma, the Houston in the natural gas adventure rising in Mozambique, continues to Rovuma where we cross by small boats, maybe dugout canoes. We will try to inspect the fantastic beaches of Msimbati just over the border before settling on Mikindani, a charming old harbour city with a Boma fron the German era which now is converted into a nice, rustic hotel.

That will be the start of the Tanzanian part of our adventure...

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