June 13, 2016

Back "HOME" to Tanzania - an adventurous crossing of the Rovuma River

After a good night sleep at Chez Natalie, thank you Natalie, we had a quick stop in Palma, last town before the border, a fishermen city now booming a bit due to the oil and gas exploration. A good stop where to stretch your limbs before doing a rather bumpy ride up to the border, and the Rovuma River. 

As many other activities on this journey, our border crossing is also depending on the tide. For between 5 and 7 days a month high tide is to low... To low for the ferry to operate. As we knew and had planned for this we had a new vehicle woth now Davis as our driver/guide waiting on the other side.

So while we embarked on a rather exiting rivercrossing, Mohammed drive the first vehicle inland to the Unity Bridge and a rather long drive back to Dar es Salaam. 

We - The dream team on the other hand watched with amazement the boat/raft made to ferry a new pick up across beeing prepared, and made our way to the wooden boat to take us across the first åart of the river.

Thereafter while walking across the sandbanks in the middle of the river heading to the last boat to get to our car, feeling and probably looking as a bunch of refugees sneaking over a border, we saw behind us our friends ferrying the pick up over... Only in Africa!

Safely arrived and greeted by Davis, we did a detour to Msimbati to see the maybe most beautiful beaches of Tanzania, just making it before sunset.

Then our first short drive in the dark to Mikindani and overnight at The Old Boma, a great places with tons of charm and character. 

Today we do Mikindani, Lindi and on to Kilwa Masoko for 2 nights. 

June 12, 2016

Leaving the intriguing Mozambique - Karibuni Tanzania!

Sunrise over Mocimboa da Praia - large natural harbour not far from Chai - the little village where Frelimo, the liberation movement  which rules the country today was founded.

Our last night in Mozambique was spent in Chez Natalie - a idyllic lodge with bungalows spread on a large property - all with a view over the bay.

From here we pass Palma, the Houston in the natural gas adventure rising in Mozambique, continues to Rovuma where we cross by small boats, maybe dugout canoes. We will try to inspect the fantastic beaches of Msimbati just over the border before settling on Mikindani, a charming old harbour city with a Boma fron the German era which now is converted into a nice, rustic hotel.

That will be the start of the Tanzanian part of our adventure...

June 11, 2016

Dhow sailing, Sandbank lunch, Swimming with Dolphins and camping on Quirimbas Island...

What an amazing day...

Up early morning after a comfortable night at Ibo Island Lodge, a quick guided tour with Raul around Ibo Island seeing the sights and fewling the relaxed atmosphere of Ibo...

Therefrom we embark our Dhow, our lifeline the next 24 hours. Azure Blue ocean and a blue sky - where can be better to be?

After a sandbank visit, hereafter named Pekka Island, with snorkeling and a fantastic Prawns pasta, we sailed for the Dolphins...

Amazing experience, so peaceful to drift over the 20 to 30 Dolphins making (hopefully) a great video to share with you all. Remarkable beyond words!

Therafter a slow sail trip in between the islands, mangroves and shallow waters waiting for the tide to be high enough to bring us to our camp at Quirimbas. 

Refreshing drinks, a great dinner and good company, a good night sleep in a tent right on the beach... can't get much better!

Up in the morning, 05.00 to see the superb sunrise before using the high tide to get back to the mainland and a 5 hour drive to Mocimboa da Praia for our last night in Mozambique before crossing the Rovuma back into Tanzania!

More tomorrow!