January 14, 2015

Lushoto. Let’s go mountainside!

When you talk about hiking in Tanzania, the first thought is the super-challenging Kilimanjaro - quite expensive and requiring to be trained to get to the top… a trip for many people, but not for everybody indeed.

But as we wrote several times, the offer of mountainside destinations in Tanzania is much wider, and includes amazing spots and routes which can be enjoyable for a wider target, even if considered well off the beaten tracks.

Have you ever thought, for instance, to relax in an African mountain village instead of at the beach? It’s quite a singular choice, but it makes sense as well: to wake up in a chalet with view on forests and plantations nearby Usambara Mountains is a very nice experience.

We are in the extreme North-East of the Country, the area including Mkomazi National Park and bordering with the famous Tsavo in Kenya. Travelling a little bit to South we are in the West Usambara Mountain Reserve, better known as Lushoto.

Here we can forget for a while Tanzania as we usually figure it out. Savannah plains and white sand beaches leave place to beautiful green mountains, where it is possible to hike and explore both with and without guide.

Easier than Kilimanjaro, more relaxing and suitable for all the family - with nice cultural and traditional plus aside. Among the most popular tracks, there is the walk to Irente viewpoint, where it is possible to stop and share a tasty meal made of homemade bread, local cheese and jam.

Or, eventually, the steeper climb to the Soni waterfall which leads through high-altitude agricultural land and down a precarious rock staircase.

How long to stay in Lushoto? We advise to visit it as a short trip of 2-3 days. This is a good location to see another face of Tanzania and take a break after a long game drive adventure around the famous parks of the Northern Circuit; and maybe, before the seaside fun in the lively Zanzibar.

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