December 30, 2014

One day at Manta Resort

It’s nice to drive across Pemba in the morning. Pemba is one, less touristic, island of the Archipelago of Zanzibar - also called “the green island”, and crossing it even quickly you will immediately understand why: endless forests and plantations of spices are the landscape of this incredible paradise.

Destination, Manta Resort. You can’t get wrong! You will be welcome with a refreshing drink, and you will meet a waiter in charge of assisting you during the whole stay. Whether for food, activities or other issues, somebody will be available at the right time, because service is what really makes a difference here. Most of the staff are Pemba residents, carefully selected and trained internally, according to the rules of the resort.

Manta has become famous worldwide because of its special underwater room, a unique luxury accommodation that needs to be booked with large advance for special occasions. But it’s much more than this, and in this article we want to show the “regular” package offered to visitors.

Let’s take now a tour around the facilities. From the bar and restaurant, furnished in traditional “dhow” style, you can access to a sunny terrace and a quiet pool; and from here, to a smaller cocktail bar open in the evening and to the amazing beach.

White sand and that unique blue of the Ocean around Pemba will be your favourite corner in the middle of the nature - not easy to forget, even when you will go back home.

In the end, the rooms: sea view or garden view bungalows, furnished in Zanzibari style and complete with all the comfort, including private terraces or verandas with comfortable couches. Maximum quality for your private time is guaranteed.

Manta Resort is good for every type of person: couples, families with kids, elders, lovers of sport but also for the ones who prefer to enjoy some lazy time. The place is safe and clean, the atmosphere is warm and relaxing. For sure, a good place as temporary retreat or base camp for other explorations around Pemba.

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